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Innovation is one way to change practice. Nurses can be innovators within their work settings whether working in  varied practice settings, schools of nursing, corporate settings, or government, 

What is the relationship between nursing research and innovation? As new information becomes available, decisions can be made as to whether to try something - whether on a small scale or larger scale throughout an organization. Many time decisions for change are related to the strength of the information or resources available, people or organizational factors, and/ or other considerations.

Change is a process that takes time - for everyone to agree to the change, to promote and implement, and to evaluate. Research efforts include the study of factors associated with successful change - what are barriers or facilitators?

In nursing, innovation includes looking for ways to best incorporate evidence-based practice. The study of change or innovation is an important aspect of this process. Steps for successful change in a practice setting may be different than in other types of settings, and is a necessary consideration as we work with other health professionals in providing care in various settings throughout the world.


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