Exploring New Frontiers For the Working Nurse

2020 and beyond - it is an exciting time for Nursing. Efforts of nurse leaders over the last 50 plus years have led the way in the development of nursing as a research-based discipline. Nursing research efforts have resulted in the discovery, communication and innovation leading the way toward evidence-based nursing practice. Nursing as a profession continues in the advancement of knowledge to better understand human response to health and illness among varied populations. We continue to learn more about ourselves as nurses, working with others in varied settings in an ever-changing patient-focused healthcare environment.  As the science of nursing continues to grow and be communicated, innovation occurs through adoption of evidence-based nursing care, of benefit to the care of individuals world-wide.  

The world of the working nurse is a challenging one, no matter what the role - clinician, nurse educator, researcher in varied specialties of practice and at varied levels of practice. 

Opportunity is always present for discovery of new ways of practice, no matter what area of practice. Innovation occurs only through the  chances we take to take one idea at a time, identifying steps required, taking those steps whether small or big. 

Have you wanted to know more about the who, what, where, when or why about an area of your practice. Can what you are thinking lead to an improvement?   


Questions like this is what knowing and discovery is about - finding answers to meaningful questions that can make a difference in the world of professional nursing practice.

​Professional nursing has a bold and bright future as we continue to work together with other health professionals in maximizing our role to promote, maintain and restore health among varied populations.

As meaningful questions are  answered through research, communication is important. As nurses continue in scientific inquiry of questions relative to clients and nursing care in our environment, communication is the means that we and others will learn of important findings that can make a difference in individual lives. 


No matter how limited or large in scope, the communication in  'discovery' of new information  - locally, nationally or internationally -  is important.  



Information gained through nursing research leads to improved practice as evidence is looked at and incorporated in varied practice settings.


Innovation occurs as a new evidence-based strategy for improvement is implemented. 



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