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Discovery of knowledge can be an expected or unexpected event. Knowledge can be obtained in answer to direct questions or be found unexpectedly through the review of new or existing  information.


In nursing, we seek to know - know about ourselves, our care, our patients, our healthcare environment, and our relationships with other health professionals.


In order to know, the discipline of nursing is dedicated to finding answers concerning questions of who, what, where, when and why of nursing practice - ultimately to better understand how we make a difference in healthcare of men women and children everywhere in the world.


Similar to other professional disciplines, nursing seeks to answer questions through research leading to the advancement of nursing science.  


Nursing does not work in a vacuum; and is one of several healthcare disciplines that matter in research efforts leading to improved health outcomes for all population groups everywhere in the world.

Information as to how nurses discover new information and build on exiting knowledge is important  to share as our universal efforts

continue to understand our role in  healthcare delivery worldwide.

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