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Through Nursing Research Matters, my goal is to encourage your interest through the sharing 

of  information helpful to you in your world of nursing - about research. As a news junkie and social

media enthusiast, I hope to write about and provide opportunity for comments regarding the new and

different, in particular about nursing research. The framework for thinking about nursing research

- that of discovery of new information, communication, and innovation - seems to be a likely trajectory as professional nursing in varied settings can benefit from the work of nurse scientist efforts of the past along with learning from those currently engaged in the important work of nursing research today. 

My background includes more than 30 years in Nursing, having clinical perspective that began in working with acute care adult Medical Surgical patients.  As I continued my career development, I was interested more and more in healthcare quality, and the managed care world that includes utilization review and case management.  As I entered a PhD doctoral program in Nursing, my interest not only grew to recognize the importance of nursing research, but also knowing that much more is needed to advance professional nursing through nursing research - in financial support, in workforce development of nurse scientists, and in creating more opportunities to work with nursing leaders engaged in nursing research. Nursing research focus today continues to evolve  - from emphasis on what was theory development to now what is integration of evidence-based practice. Although the two go hand in hand in many ways, I worry about the lack of evidence discovery, as nurses choose other clinical degree options.


During the last 27 years, my everyday job that of a business leader, - and founder of a company that provides staffing and consulting in the managed care healthcare world of today. As I kept going to school, and going to school, and

going to school - I find learning new ideas that are different than the old exciting, and in particular what nurses are now doing to develop a deeper understanding of nursing care and all of its aspects.  

As a nurse entrepreneur, I believe there is a connection here as to entrepreneurship whether intra or extrapreneurial and continuation or 'new' explorations of nursing through nursing science. In either case, a nurse may not complacent with the here and now, finds challenges in discovery, and with new information, old information is changed and viewed in a new context. Isn't that what nursing research is about? 

In addition to business owner, I am involved as a nurse educator  - another exciting area. As men and women of all ages view nursing to be an exciting and rewarding field, whether it is after a college degree, as a generic student, a returning RN or a graduate student, there is excitement in seeing curiosity blossom and thrive as a professional nurse in this new healthcare world.

So in light of all, I hope to provide ongoing information to help working nurses stay in touch with issues and answers related to continuing development of the 'science' of nursing. I believe research to be a component of any setting of practice, and is guided to integrate by an open mind and willingness to view concepts and care as a continuing professional evolution. 

About Terri Kapetanovic PhD RN CPHQ

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