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Nursing Research Matters

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The presence of employment and other personal demands many times, does not offer the time for you to think - to think about nursing research and how it is related to your professional life. Nursing research may even be one of those competing demands that you want to have time for, and yet you do not have time for, as you juggle all that you have to do in your work day.

Well, this happens to all of us - no matter what work we do. My day job is that of a business owner of a 27 year old staffing and consulting company. After obtaining a PhD in Nursing, I wanted to engage more in nursing research. Writing a blog is one answer I have found for myself as I enjoy social media, the flexibility of writing anywhere and at what ever time, and have thoughts about the direction of contemporary professional nursing and the role of nursing research in today's healthcare world.

Welcome to Nursing Research Matters. I am excited to launch this blog and I hope we can have ongoing conversations as you - the working nurse - has an interest in nursing research.

Nursing Research Matters suggests two ways of looking at the world - that is, Nursing Research matters in the world of today - it is important. The other is that Matters pertains to a domain of substance, occupying space, something important. Nursing Research Matters is a blog devoted to matters as to how knowledge is gained, it's importance in translation, and how it can propel innovation in nursing settings serving varied populations everywhere.

I hope this blog engages you with topics of interest through contemporary postings of interest about the discovery, communication, and innovation that can relate to the working nurse resulting from nursing research.

As you have the opportunity to stay in touch, please share your feedback, comments and your ideas and tell us of your continuing interest by signing on to our mailing list.

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