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Woman with laptop overlooking cliff
Woman with laptop overlooking cliff


Communication in the planning, design, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of new and existing research ideas is important.


Methods for communication of research information by nurses are many - one-to-one,  sharing within a work environment or within an organization, at conferences, through publication, and at local and national meetings. Wherever nurses have opportunities to work together, ideas can be shared with others. 

In research, it is through the sharing of questions and ideas that contributes to knowledge development and a growing concern for a particular area of interest or need for study.


Once an idea is investigated to determine what existing information might be available (and to what extent), communication needs to expand from this. Are resources available? Who can help? Where is the best setting for study? How should the research be designed to get at the level of information needed?  This type of inquiry is conducted in healthcare settings, in schools of nursing, independently or in collaboration with others to advance the ideas that will contribute to nursing science.



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